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Live Fish Pumping

A gentle, sustainable and efficient handling of live fish.

Today's aquaculture industry is especially concerned with sustainable development.  The development of gentle solutions for pumping, processing, transport and cooling of fish has never been more important. 

How it works

We are talking about live animals, and to safely transfer them from one location to another. To handle live animals, is a new and sustainable way of thinking compared to the traditional pumping process where efficiency and compactness are counting. 

For a live fish process, focus number one is the animal welfare. We have delivered live fish pumping systems for the high value brood stock salmon on 17 kg to the small Goldsinny-wrasse.  Both species needs to be treated in a way that secures fish welfare.

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Tornado - A revolution in gentle fish handling

Live fish pumping


The challenge we solve together

The fish should experience a minimum of vacuum, acceleration, jets, direction change and obstructions.  The surface in contact with the fish should always be super smooth to protect the fish when transferred in a conveying system. 

The most gentle way of transferring fish is to manipulate the pressure in a tank so the fish will flow into a tank under vacuum and be discharged out of the tank when pressurized.  In such systems PG will produce the full engineering package from CFD analyzes to oxygenation.   

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PG-HydroFlow - Live fish transfer solution




Image: Example Hydroflow


How do we do it?

The PG-Hydroflow is a fish pump developed in cooperation with Smir, for the delousing barges.  The pump have no moving parts and open center.  The PG-Hydroflow works according to the ejector principle; the line will prime itself and with slope to the pen line is self-draining when stopped.  The PG-Hydroflow is built in DN 200 for smolt transport, DN 250 for dead fish collection, DN 300 for delousing and DN 400,500 for high capacity systems.

PG are building all products in-house. All components have a full 3D design verified performance by CFD and strength by FEA.

The sub-assemblies are welded to complete machines with welding standards that overgo those used in the oil & gas industry, thus ensuring the optimum fish welfare.  Standard DIN and ANSI flanges could not assure perfect alignment.  

For the aqua culture market PG have developed our own standard of flanges with perfect match and O-ring sea to avoid the razorblade effect.The PG-Tornado is a live fish pump with a fish contact free rotor. 

The PG-Tornado can offer higher head compared to PG-Hydroflow.  





PG Design Analyse 2

Tornado DN500 050521-87


Tornado - A revolution in gentle fish handling

PG-Tornado has a unique ability to safely transfer fish due to the rotating equipment being isolated from the fish transfer channel. This opts for improved fish-welfare and reduced mortality rate, compared to existing technology. Read more about PG-Tornado


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