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"We strive to understand our customers needs and challenges, and to develop solutions to help with our customers success."


At PG Flow Solutions, innovation takes many forms, from customers ideas and needs, to exploring market trends and continuously improving existing solutions and components to provide our customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions.


How do we work with Innovation?

With continued strong focus on innovation and developing new proprietary products we  create value for our customers for many years to come.

Innovation can start with a customer need or idea. The customer often has an application where they need a flow solution that does not exist. We can look at our existing solutions and components to re-design and develop the right solution for the customer. If we can’t base the new design on an existing solution, we will develop new customized solutions.


The process

This process starts when the need for a new product arises, either through customer enquiry, product development or market trends.

  • Idea: Innovation starts with some kind of idea or opportunity. This can be an unfulfilled customer need, a customer challenge, a new market, a new technical solution. In the idea phase we assess, define and evaluate the potential.

  • Design: From the idea phase we will have concrete goals and expectations. This is followed by extensive analysis to gather information and data. We will research market and/or customer requirements, market potential and size, explore the environmental impact, risk analysis and more. Furthermore, in this phase we will start drawing the first solution concepts in the form of descriptions, sketches or models.

  • Build: In this phase we aim to develop the new solutions/product. Prototypes are built and tested at our in-house facilities. We cut, bend, weld, assembly, treat and test every single component in-house.

  • Operation: In the operation phase we bring the product to the customer / market. We will ensure continuous evaluation and analysis of the product, for example, customer feedback or quantitative market analyzes.

Design Phase    Building Phase    Operational Phase

Example Innovation Project


with Clean Sea Solutions

PG-AquaPod removes marine plastic waste from marinas and other waterfront areas by creating a waterflow into a net, thereby trapping waste and securing easy and effective removal.

The growing amount of plastic that ends up in the sea every year is a major societal problem that affects everyone. Clean Sea Solutions is very concerned about this challenge, and contacted PG Flow Solutions regarding an idea to develop a jetty with a collection system for plastic in the sea.

In the design process, we have had an effecient dialogue with Clean Sea Solutions.

After many design proposals were reviewed, we landed on a prototype design. The design  went through the steel workshop where buckling and welding of plates was done. Furthermore, prototypes were assembled at the site where external components were mounted.

After this, the unit went to our test pool, where we simulated prototypes mounted in a jetty. We could then see that the principle worked in the pool, and make adjustments before we assembled the collector on a jetty and started the second test phase in the port of Drammen.  In this test we managed to collect everything from plastic bags to sleeping pads.

PG-AquaPod has now received international attention with PG's Carl Engelstad as design manager. PG-AquaPod is deployed at test customer Oslo S Utvikling in Bjørvika, and collected 2,200 liters of waste during the first week. 

Learn about the design phase


We wanted to design a solution with the following properties

  • Good collection effect
  • Large storage capacity
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for wildlife

Sustainable Innovation

We strive for continuous improvement of products and solutions by solving environmental challenges and reducing industry- and company footprint across targeted industries.

The current climate situation calls for new ways of thinking, cooperating, and  innovating to resolve the challenges facing the world today, and in the future.

We currently work with advanced technology and many of our product areas can contribute to a more efficient use of energy and resources in their areas of application:

Existing products

We prioritise to improve and develop products and solutions in existing markets, that will contrubute to a sustainable future.

New products

We expect business segments and new market opportunities to open up in response to the global challenges facing the world. We have  the technology and knowhow that may contribute to such new solutions. 


Sustainable Innovation

How we work with Sustainability