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Our Customers within Pumping, within Mixing & Agitation, within Live Fish Pumping, within Water Treatment, within Liguid Cargo Handling

We serve customers from different industries, both large and small. The common factor is that they need to transport, mix, agitate or treat fluids, solids, and even live materials.
A strong customer focus, innovative mindset, unique flow technology concepts, high-quality engineering, and a dedicated service team ensure top performance when serving your flow challenges.


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Cargo Pump Systems
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Key markets

Industry Ikon


The production facility at PG’s HQ is state-of-the-art with a large welding capacity, water cutting machine, CNC machine, and workshop for repairs, services, and assembly. Combined with our technical know-how, PG can service a range of requirements across several industrial applications.

Marine Ikon


PG is the global leader in cargo handling systems to the OSV’s. We provide hydraulic and electric drive solutions to our flow technology and cater to the needs of shipowners to a variety of vessel types and tonnages.




Aqua Ikon


We support the aquaculture industry
with silage treatment, storage systems, and solutions for live fish pumping with fish welfare as priority number 1.





Energy ikon


With pump systems installed on almost every offshore facility in the Norwegian Continental Shelf, we provide lifecycle support and brownfield modification to continuously reduce OPEX and extend the system lifetime.