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- A gentle live fish transfer solution

Securing the highest level of fish welfare is important to deliver high quality products in the aquaculture industry.

A cooperation between Smir and PG Flow Solutions has resulted in a new water powered live-fish pump.

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A gentle, sustainable and efficient handling of live fish.

Hydroflow is a significant contribution to fish welfare – low/no fish mortality – through a non-mechanical fish pumping solution with industry leading performance.

PG-HydroFlow is a live fish transfer, non-mechanical pump solution that enables delousing vessels, wellboats and service boats to convey live fish (up to 10-12kg) at a rate of rate of up to 350 t/h per pump, without harm or trauma.

Hydroflow is designed and adapted to adjust for the difference in height between fish cage and factory, as well as the tide.

The pump is seawater driven, has continous flow and no internal moving parts. This ensures careful transport of live
fish larger than 6 kg.


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