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Progressive cavity pumps

PG present Seepex with the widest range of progressive cavity pumps in acc with ISO, API standards since 1982. In addition to complementing PG packages and systems with standard products, PG have developed a range of bespoke solutions in close partnership with Seepex, like the heavy duty PG-MACS 130-18V units for drill cuttings, and other class leading products.

Seepex pumps handle products with low shear and a gentle pumping action. Oil and water mixtures are transported with least
damage to the oil droplet size and no risk of creating emulsions that are hard to separate.

Oil, water and gas are transported reliably by our uniquely configured pumps with control systems helping them deal with variable flow regimes.

Seepex pumps can handle solids. For our largest pumps we can handle solid sizes of 55 mm (0,18 ft). Sand is handled with ease
with low internal fluid velocities resulting in a very erosion tolerant construction.

Available with various rotor/stator geometries and a wide range of different shaft seals – tailored to suit any conveying process



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