PG Macs

- Multi-application cargo system


PG-MACS represent the next generation wet- and dry- cargo handling solutions aboard OSVs. As of today, some 20 vessels have these solutions fitted, all from 4 tanks 300m3 total, up to 16 tanks with 1.500m3 total capacity.

Each tank is structural, yard built unit with its individual feeding system and dedicated pump which allow for segragations of cargo, and extremly high degrees of flexibility.

It offers a closed loop, safe and environmentally secure process for efficient handling of conventional and challenging cargo, including high capacities for recovered oil services. It significantly reduces crane-lifts between vessels-rig-shore, and represent the most efficient transfer model based on 4″ to 6″ hose connections only.

Far Serenade crew: “after learning the process of how to handle f.ex. Drill Cuttings from rig-to-vessel-to-shore. it is now business as usual, as any other cargo aboard”

Typical pump capacity: 30-100 m3/h with pressure up to 36Bar per pump unit
Typical dry bulk capacity: 60-90 tons/h Barite being the dimensioning factor


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Cargo Handling Solution for Offshore Supply Vessels

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