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Extensive pump repair


PG Flow Solutions are experienced in advanced pump repair. Our team of highly competent mechanics, electricians, automaticians and engineers are ready to repair, modify, upgrade or re-engineer pumps and pumps systems at your service.

8250 square metres of workshop, testing and assembly area, consisting of a large machine park with dynamic balancing machine, CNC machine center and more.

Clean room to maintain low levels of particulates during repair and 6x20T / 4x10T overhead cranes.

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Extensive pump repair

Do you want us to inspect your pump?

Did you know that PG Flow Solutions inspect any pump at our facility, free of charge?

  • If you ship the pump to us and we overhaul, modify or upgrade the pump, the inspection will not be charged.
  • If there is no more use for the pump, we take care of the disposal and help you find a solution!

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