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PG Silage for high value FPC


PG Flow Solutions has developed a novel silage system for large oceangoing trawlers that can produce high quality fish protein concentrate (FPC) that generates a market value of NOK 12-15 per kilogram, compared to today’s NOK 2 per kilogram.

PG Silage’s treatment and storage tanks are integrated into the vessel hull, to avoid taking up valuable fillet storage space. It is relevant for long-distance fishing vessels, typically 70-100 metres long, that have quotas that allow them to operate relatively far from home port for weeks at a time.

Today, approximately 30 percent of a white fish is used for human consumption. The rest of the fish is primarily utilised for animal feed purposes. While vessels that operate close to port are able to gain an acceptable price for their white fish waste, trawlers that operate far from home port typically sell silage as a low quality product at a relatively low price.

PG Silage aims to handle almost all types of white fish as it can easily adapt to critical temperature levels of different fish proteins and oils, through remote monitoring of tanks, piping and pumps from the bridge or control tower.

For further information, please see the PG Silage white paper below.

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