Managed pressure drilling

– Pumped Riser Solution


The PRS (Pumped Riser Solution) is designed to control wellbore pressure by reducing the amount of riser pressure exerted on the wellbore. In the short term, as an ECD control solution, the PRS has the following unique features

  • Maintains a full riser and statically balanced wellbore at all times.
  • Permits accepted static flow check and basic kick detection methods
  • Does not require riser depletion/refill on connections
  • Rotary table deployable system, with low power requirement
  • Conventional riser joints maintained, no modifications required
  • Enables a rig to be MPD-Prepared simply by procuring riser crossovers in advance and MPD-Operational in 2 weeks
  • The PRS module is seen as a stepping stone to achieving a full Dual Gradient Drilling (DGD) solution
  • The PRS can be utilized independently or as a complimentary module to an Applied Surface Back Pressure (ASBP) MPD System
  • Typical Flow Rate: 2000 gpm
  • Pressure Control Window: 1000 psi (more possible)
  • Development Targets
  • Low Power Requirement –Envisioned to be suitable for older floating drilling rigs
  • Riser pressure control tolerance +/-15 psi (1 bar)
  • Riser pressure adjustment in < 5 seconds
  • Debris size 2”, screen for larger debris
  • 2 independent pump systems
  • Single riser joint that drifts through 75.5” rotary table (including crossovers and riser peripheral lines), smaller drift possible with additional engineering
  • Current installation depth rating is 1640’ [500m] , greater depths possible with additional engineering
  • API 6A, API 16A, API 16RCD compliant
  • No Drill String Valve required

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