Lightweight pump, Vacuum, and Compressor units


Our OffshoreLITE range of lightweight, hazardous area pump and vacuum units is an innovative solution for facilities which has reduced crane lift capacity.

A unit gross weight of less than 4,500 kg (1,500 kg with our modular options) makes the range truly lightweight. Considerable space saving is achieved through the small footprint which benefits most platforms, in particular, those with limited deck space. These units are ideal for a range of offshore decommissioning and fabric maintenance applications.

Through sound design, careful component selection, demanding assembly and test procedures, the Offshore LITE range will provide operators with the reliability and long service life for which our units are known worldwide.

Offshore, lightweight units for use in hazardous areas – Key Features:

  • Less than 4,500 kg gross weight
  • Modular units less than 1,500 kg crane lift
  • Small footprint
  • DNV 2.7-1 compliant container
  • ATEX hazardous area rating
  • Lifting slings
  • Fork-truck slots
  • Control panel with external access
  • External fuel fill (diesel units)
  • Inlet/Outlet manifold
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Lockable access doors
  • Sound attenuation
  • Diesel units – up to 70 kW
  • Electric units – typically 37 kW
  • Electric units – designed to operate using a standard, 63 amp, 3-phase socket

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